July 07, 2011

Fashion Experts Agree: Jail Too Fancy For Sweatshirts

A lady in South Carolina called 911 to request the cops come and arrest her because her husband wanted her to go to jail. "Because, basically, I slapped him this morning because he won't have sex with me and hasn't had sex with me in a couple of months, so I slapped him across the face and he wants me to go to jail."

When the dispatcher requests she remain at her neighbor's until the cops arrive she protests: "No honey, I'm in a sweatshirt and boxer shorts."

However, what makes this story truly genius is that when the officers arrive the husband insists his wife never slapped him and that she made it up because she just wanted to go to jail. Like, just for fun? Musta been pizza night! Fancy dress only, please!

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  1. okay, i read this a while ago and thought it was so funny. thanks for letting me quack away on my blog!