June 25, 2004

I am so over this. Well, in a minute I mean.

I sort of agree with Pierluigi about Mr. Moore. I mean, sure, I'm always willing to say nasty things about him. I've mostly tried to keep my head low during all of this, because what do I have to say that I haven't said? Or that more intelligent people, with better writing skills, haven't already? That's why I prefer to use Moore as a platform to talk about how Tarantino is a douche and how antiwar activists are confused and irrelevant. Problem is, there are two equally compelling theories at work. One is that even talking about him sarcastically and viciously legitmizes his work. We don't talk about things that are truly irrelevant. Ignoring him would probably make him shut up fast. On the other hand, as the movie opens, and as other media outlets bombard us with all kinds of crap (pro and anti) it may be okay to add our voices. I don't know. This is the end of me talking about him for a while, is my point. I have better things to talk about. Like these pictures of nut sacs filled with saline solution I was looking at earlier. That shit is wicked!

Ben wants to use his blog as a therapeutic tool. Benny, if you're going to work through your issues via blog, will you at least pay us $250 per hour to listen?

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